Below you find a list of the courses I’ve taught, on-site, online and hybrid. If you are interested, you can contact me for sample syllabi and descriptions:

Hannah Arendt: Vita activa (Hannah Arendt: The Human Condition)

Privatheit im digitalen Zeitalter – Privacy by Design aus einer ethischen Perspektive (Privacy in the digital age – Privacy by Design from an ethical perspective)

Ethik für Informatiker_innen (Ethics for Computer Scientists)

Hans Jonas‘ Prinzip Verantwortung (Hans Jonas: The Imperative of Responsibility)

Geschlecht und Erziehung (Gender and Education)

Isaiah Berlin: ‘Negative’ Freiheit? (Isaiah Berlin: ‘Negative’ Liberty?)

Politische Philosophie der Privatheit, (Political Philosophy of the Private)

Hannah Arendt: Über das Böse, (Hannah Arendt on Evil: Some Questions on Moral Philosophy)

Ethik in der Pflege, (Nursing Ethics)

Academic Writing and Academic Career

Exposéschreibwerkstatt (Proposal writing for a doctoral thesis)

Studieren und dann Promovieren? (Doing a PhD after Graduation?)

Academic writing in German for International Doctoral Students

Teaching assistance in Romance linguistics

High School level

Französisch (French)

KI-Ethik (Workshop) (AI Ethics)