Research Interests

Ethics of technology, AI Ethics, privacy research, exile, Hannah Arendt, philosophy of education, political philosophy, 20th century philosophy, ethical stakeholder engagement

Current research projects
AI.NRW flagship project »Certified AI«

Rethinking Privacy after this Pandemic

Former research projects

ETHNA System “Ethics Governance System for RRI in Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres”, European Network of Research Ethics Committees – EUREC Office.

PANELFIT “Participatory Approaches to a New Ethical and Legal Framework for ICT”, European Network of Research Ethics Committees – EUREC Office.

Cooperative driver-vehicle interaction – ELSI: Ethics of highly automated driving, Hochschule der Medien

Postdoc-Project The luxury of leading a private life: a privilege for the lucky few?

In my postdoctoral research project I examine the question why privacy – historically as well as in current debates – sometimes appears to be a privilege that only applies to those who are wealthy, healthy and educated enough to profit from its advantages.

PhD Thesis The Private in Hannah Arendt’s Political Philosophy. From the ‘oikos’ to the Cyberspace

In my thesis I show that Hannah Arendt’s ideas on the private are more than an attempt to reinstate the ancient Greek ‘oikos’. I argue that they derive from her analysis of totalitarianism and that her definition of the private entails several meanings, e.g. a decisional and an informational dimension. I conclude that some of her warnings and part of her diagnosis still applies. I show that her philosophy in combination with examples from today’s privacy discussions can serve as a basis for moral judgments on privacy threats and breaches.

Project on the situation and supervision of PhD-Students and their conditions of employment at the University of Wuppertal  (gender-specific, with the Equal Opportunities Coordinator Dr. Christel Hornstein).